Seo service Nepal refers to the service provided to increase the website visibility and increase the traffic to increase sales and creating more revenue in major search engines. There are many SEO service providers in Nepal. With the development of technology, the use of the search engine has grown. Here search engine refers to Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.

International research shows that 55% of businesses spend in professional SEO – Search Engine Optimization Service. Our white hat SEO strategy and link building drive traffic and help in website to rank on the first page of Google in the search engine results page.

King of the Search engine, Google relies on more than 200 factors as a ranking factor. So basic knowledge is not enough to achieve a successful result. As Seo On Top is the team of experts and is known as the Top SEO company in Nepal, We can assist you to succeed in your business through social media and effective SEO.


Who provides the best SEO service in Nepal?

With the growth in Internet marketing, there is the growth of more SEO service provider. But most of them are not successful and using the old spammy technique. Even a 20 years old SEO company claiming them to be the best SEO service provider fails in their strategy and results.

While ‘SeoOnTop‘, a leading digital marketing and search engine optimization company have a group of top SEO experts in Nepal stand out there to claim as the best SEO Company in Nepal.

Service Provided by Best SEO Company in Nepal

Claiming the number one Seo Company in Nepal, ‘SeoOnTop’ knows how to rank in the popular search engines such as Google and Bing. Relevancy and Authority for the success in the SEO, and We know that well. We focus on our ROCKET technique to rank on the search engine.

We are serving different SEO services in Nepal and follow SEO best practices. Our social media marketing, online marketing,keyword research, web design and development service in nepal are of best quality.

Below is the work that SeoOnTop does for every client.


google analytics

Our first task begins with setting the google account for our new client if they have not configured google analytics account so that we can track the visitors and lead.

If you have already set up your account our task will be to create a specific goal to your strategy.

Suppose you want 20 quote request in a month, we create a goal specifying that goal. By setting the goal it’s easy to track the progress.



The next step is the Website audit. we audit your site before and after the analytics account is set up. For the website audit, we perform a deep in-depth site crawl to find any problem to fix them.

SeoOnTop analyze and optimize Navigational structure, responsive design, Mobile friendly test, Rich snippet test, Page speed test, Header optimization, website performance and many other factors.

We focus on the principle to strengthen the weak points and maximizing the strong points. We know the fact that 1000s of visitors are not only the reasons for success but we focus on optimizing the conversion rate.


After completing the website audit and constant follow up with the client we develop a detailed, comprehensive strategy for your business. This strategy developed will be performed to get the desired result.

Each Company and Website have their own capacity to rank well. You may be thinking that ranking in Search engines is an easy job. But that’s not the fact, it takes a long time to reach the goal so we must be prepared to win the game.

As the best SEO Company in Nepal, SeoOnTop sets short and long-term goals to reach the desired output.

For Example, we are performing SEO for five different Travel and Trekking Agencies in Nepal. Are we targeting Everest base camp trekking for all companies? Every company wants to rank for Everest base camp keywords but not possible.

We will set up a target for them to rank on the less competitive keyword first. So we won’t advise them to focus on the difficult keyword. As the authority and trust of the site increase, you can rank in any competitive keywords. So keep patience to reach the peak of Everest.

Claiming #1 position for the keywords like Everest base camp is as hard as reaching the top of the summit. You need years of practice to reach the goal.

When you have a custom strategy, you can maximize the ROI – the return of investment. Many cheap SEO companies in Nepal deliver cookie-cutter or copy-and-paste strategies that will not lead to success.


Compititor analysis

As being the best SEO service provider in Nepal, we know how important it is to follow the Competitors. So we keep on analyzing the competitor website and keep track of what they are doing.

Each niche has competitors. If you don’t have competitors then probably you are running in a race alone and you are in the first position and that does not satisfy you. If you are not the only one in the race then you need competitor analysis to discover new online and offline competitors. For our success, we must recognize the weakness of the competitors.

We follow SWOT analysis of a competitor where SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats.

The following factors are analyzed every month.

  • A competitor’s search positions
  • A competitor’s website changes
  • A competitor’s content and link additions
  • A competitor’s leads
  • A competitor’s market share

These reports are not generated by the so-called best SEO company in Nepal. So choose the best Seo agency in Nepal.


SEO on page factors

On-page SEO Factors are listed below

  1. E-A-T content [E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust]
  2. Title tags
  3. Meta description
  4. Content Headlines
  5. Header tags
  6. SEO writing
  7. keyword Cannibalization
  8. Doing Content Audit
  9. Image Optimization
  10. User Engagement

If Seo company is not offering On-Page optimizing then they are not providing SEO service.

On-page SEO service includes:

  • Updating title tags, meta descriptions, and Heading tags for search engines.
  • Copywriting and Internal Linking
  • Optimizing content for the featured snippet. Featured snippets are also known as zero position.
  • Auditing your website’s information architecture, redirects, and internal linking structure
  • Creating XML sitemap
  • Optimizing your site images according to best practices
  • Researching and optimizing your website with valuable and relevant keywords
  • Analyzing the usability, speed, and design of your site

SeoOnTop focus on PIC which is explained below

  1. Pillar content: The detailed content that you want to rank for.
  2. Internal linking: Linking to the internal page that is relevant and useful for users.
  3. Cluster Content: Dividing the main topic to many small topics and internal linking to them.


Optimizing your website without access to the internal site is known as off-page optimization. Search engines have talked about off-page optimization as links are the factor determining the ranking. Each link is counted as the vote for a web page. Your backlinks profile refers to the quantity and quality of websites linking to your site.

backlink building

Major SEO companies create 100s of backlinks just to show the report. These spammy backlinks are of no use and they tend your website to lead to Google penalty.

Off-page optimizing press includes:

  • Promoting your website content to bloggers and webmasters
  • Developing shareable content for your site’s blog
  • Monitoring your company’s mentions across social media by users and influencers
  • Optimizing your Google My Business profile
  • Content Marketing


With the good SEO report, the client can see what progress is going on your website and they can track their return of investment. This makes them see if the work is going on the right track or not.


Seo is an ongoing process. So you must be collaborating with the SEO agency as part of the organization. Even after you reached the goal you might be wondering why you need the SEO agency. But nothing is permanent. your website rank is also not permanent. Your competitor will definitely outrank you after you stop optimizing yourself. So never think that you have reached your goal and stop SEO.

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